Monday, May 4, 2009

Things i have noticed as of late

  • Time seems to just be flying by! Can you believe its already May??
  • Jackie is no longer a baby, she is a toddler and sometimes i miss that little baby
  • the weekends NEVER last long enough
  • When your pregnant EVERY thing is so different
  • Ridding a bike while prego is really not that easy/comfy yet its still fun to go out for a family bike ride....wonder how much longer i can manage that
  • Yozone is really good, and did not make me sick.....i think i will go back again
  • I really love to have Jackie help me cook....its fun to see her get so excited about the things i do
  • Your never too old to get a YAY MOMMY/YAY DADDY for going to the bathroom ( what Jackie now says to us after we use the restroom, guess she thinks that since we do that for her someone should get excited for our accomplishments....)
  • Work will always be there, so instead of dreading it we need to learn to enjoy it!
  • Time spent cuddling with your toddler is WONDERFUL! enjoy it when they will let you
  • its important to remember the small things
  • Family is the most important thing, make sure they are first
  • its wonderful to have friends they can always help make the day a little better when you see them ( i got to see two friends this last weekend i have not seen in forever! love you Jenn and Hayley)
  • Second pregnancies are not always easier then the first.....
  • life will always surprise you so always be ready and willing to accept what ever is thrown at you
  • no matter HOW good a brownie looks-if sugar makes you sick while your pregnant that brownie will make you sick SAY NO (i need to learn this ONE)
  • blog stocking is quite enjoyable :) but a lot of people don't blog enough to keep me busy
  • i don't think you can ever get enough play time together as a family so enjoy it when you can! Jackie's favorite play time with us seems to be playing on our bed lol
  • this baby is one active little bugger, Derek even got to feel her move last night!

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