Monday, May 11, 2009

I love being a mom!

I know its a day late but i wanted to take the time to write about mothers!
I don't think you can fully appreciate mothers until you have the chance to be one. There is so much you learn from having a child of your own that teaches you how much your mom really did for you! I am so grateful for my mother and all she did for me! I am lucky enough to have two moms who love me and who i love! I am so grateful for their examples on motherhood and for them teaching me and showing me how mothers should be!
I LOVE being a mom! Its such an amazing, wonderful, tiring, learning, growing time in life.
Motherhood has given me a new perspective on life. A few things i LOVE about being a mom
  • Watching Jackie learn something new/figuring out something for the first time! I feel so PROUD of her!
  • When Jackie laughs and smiles at me
  • The hugs she gives me and the kisses!
  • How Jackie wants to do everything i do she always wants to be right with me
  • I love when Jackie wants to just sit on my lap and read a book or watch Elmo! I enjoy the cuddles when i can!
  • How she loves to come into our bed when she wakes up and just lay with us
  • I love watching Jackie's personality develop! She is a little prankster and loves to do things to get a laugh!
  • The little songs she sings and tries to get us to sing with her
  • Having conversations with her!
  • Knowing that she is my responsibility and i have the chance to raise her and care for her
  • Getting a taste for what my mother did for me
  • Understanding a little bit more the love my Father in Heaven has for me
  • The immense love I have for Jackie
  • The desire to become pregnant again even though i already knew how hard it would be-seriously i needed that in order to get here this time!
  • The chance i have to brings Gods children into this world and that i can become a mother is something i cherish
I hope you all had a great mothers day, and were able to thank your moms and get some thanks your self for all the hard work you do! Motherhood is not easy by any means but its darn sure worth it!

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