Sunday, May 24, 2009


I have not posted pics in a while since i usually only post while i am working so I thought i would put some up for all you guys...yes you can thank me ;) Jackie being her cute self
She really really loves her tools, what would we do without Manny?

She ALWAYS wants to go to the park via a bike ride with daddy

she really really loves it

Jackie "helping"

Jackie wants to be where ever i am doing what ever i am doing cooking is her favorite the tasting part is her most favorite

she is a pretty good little helper

me and Jackie after i got my hair done for mothers day

We are all doing great! Just trying to get things done! We got a storage garage so we could put all of our extra stuff in there to make room for another baby in our small apt! Its really nice to have all the extra room and to have a less cluttered and clean place! Derek is on the job hunt, and working part time at the I am just working and making a baby :)


Britta said...

OH you look so cute! Jackie already seems bigger, and her hair looks longer. I like your hair. Your getting closer, how is your heartburn?

Danielle and the Boys said...

love all the pictures-jackie's getting so big!

C, J, and T said...

Cute hair...Cute girl! what a life!!!

cherigarner said...

I love this picture!