Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i hate it i like it i love it WOW i must be prego

People always ask do you like being pregnant. This is an interesting question, one that I have been thinking about for some time. I could name off a hundred reasons i HATE being pregnant and how hard it is on my, mind, body, life in fact i have stated how much i hate it. I have been thinking lately that in all reality-I think i actually like is why
  • I get the chance to create a life, and have that life grow inside of me!
  • I get to be with my child for 9 months longer then anyone else
  • I get to feel her move around and have her be a part of me
  • you get to wear cute clothes that are really comfy! Come on no zippers or buttons! how will i ever go back *sigh*
  • you get to eat a lot of good food...even if it is at midnight :)
  • people are much nicer to you-even if they are more nosy!
  • flip flops become a very essential part of your wardrobe (only been prego through the summer don't know if that is true in the winter)
  • somehow forgetting things is not an issue you are pregnante
  • before you know it you will get to hold that wonderful child in your arms, and feel of their sweet special spirit!
  • When that child comes they will already know your voice and well want to be with you!
  • You get to take part in the Lords work and know you are doing what he wants you to do
There you go some reasons why i really do enjoy being pregnant! I like to think of them so i do not dwell on the negative! There are too many things in this life that can get us down in this life if we let it! I am working on focusing on the positive and trusting that the Lord knows what is best for us and will guide us and help us accomplish everything we can and need to!


Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

nah, flip flops not quite essential in the winter months. more like good shoes so that you don't slip and fall (that's the fear with such great equilibrium haha)

Britta said...

I agree pregnancy can be great...especially when you think of it like that. Miss you guys!