Saturday, December 5, 2009

Absence make the heart grow fonder

Well good news is we are doing well in Utah even without Derek.  Jackie misses her daddy alot and mentions it for the most part when she is tired.  She misses her home too she keeps asking me for things we did not bring, but grandpa can usually make her forget pretty quick! Its been fun seeing people we have not seen in a long time!  There are still so many people to see it its kinda crazy! Good news is we are here until the 27th so we have time....I have a car right now and will have it until thursday so if you wanna play let me know you are also welcome to come up here too!
I do miss Derek alot.  Its weird not to have him around all the time to talk to or get hugs from.  To help with the girls and so on, but I have a lot of help here so that is nice too :) we have made it a week tomorrow so its only 2 more still seems a LONG time but I know we will be able to make it and it will be so nice when we get back together! One thing for sure its helped me relise how much i love him and appricate all he does to help me with the girls! Life sure is easier with him around and I love him!  I am so glad I meet him and we have started our life together! I will take being poor and happy with him then being with anyone else!

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