Wednesday, December 9, 2009

half way done

Well i am sure if anyone out there reads my blog you might be sick of hearing about Derek being gone....the good news we made it past halfway! :) he will be here in 10 days! I am pretty excited lol
Things here in Utah have been going great! we have been having a lot of fun visiting everyone! I think i have worn Jackie and Abby out though....they are pretty beat but seem to be enjoing it all! I am taking our car back tomorrow so it wont be near as crazy! It also means you will have to make a drive up to Alpine :)
I have learned from being out here that i really do miss it! I love it out here it just nice and peacfull and i sure miss it! lol but i do also miss our place and having my own things :) and well being in warm weather sounds nicer! And the whole being with my hubby part..its no fun to be without them! It has given me a greater apprciation for those people in the military and what they go through being seperated for so long....i have gone 11 days and i still have 10 more and i am already dying! How the heck do they make it for months to years at a time???  anyway we are well and happy no worries here! plus christmas is  coming! :) i am excited to see Jackie on Christmas day!

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Danielle and the Boys said...

there is definitely the good and the bad about being away from the hubby! hang in there and enjoy the time you're getting to spend with family and friends. all too soon you'll be back home and missing utah! :)