Friday, June 4, 2010

My little helper

When I was in the hospital with Abby Jackie became obsessed with piggy banks.  She would not stop talking about them.   Any way she just got one (yeah i know horrible parents) I explained to her that a piggy bank can hold...MONEY.  She was pretty excited.  i told her that she could save her money to buy a princess doll (currently its Princess Tiana she is saving for, but it switches to Sleeping Beauty sometimes)  I want my kids to get the concept of work for money so they get where mommy and daddy go (Jackie thinks we go to work so she can go get hamburgs at McDonald) We explained to her if she saved up half we would buy the other half (somehow it did not click that i would end up paying for the whole thing lol) she has been doing extra jobs to earn money for her piggy bank.  Her favorite is putting the silverware away when the dishes are clean.

Last night I heard the dishwasher was on, i looked in the sink it was full so i asked my brother Alex (hes staying with us for 2 weeks) why he started it when it was not all the way full,  he said he did not do it.  SO i opened the dishwasher and Jackie came running, "MOMMY i started it so the dishes could be clean so i could do my jobs to get more money, turn it back on"  Lol she is a silly smart baby who will get to take her piggy bank soon to buy a princess doll. 

Kids grow up to fast, it does not seem like my little Jackie should be old enough to do any of this.  But oh how i love her!

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that's what she said...

can jackie come live with me?!?!?! she's so cute and sweet!!! man, i'd die to have ethan do have the cute things she does. One day.... :)