Thursday, June 17, 2010

9 months for Ms Abigail

**note look at the date...i set this to post tomorrow but it posted today with tomorrows date.....

WOW Abigail can you believe its been 9 whole months since you have come into our lives.  I  can hardly believe it!  You are changing and learning so fast!

You still absolutely adore your big sister Jackie.  You love to watch her run around and play.  Now you do try to join in, crawl to here and play with her and her toys.  As of now Jackie still absolutely loves this and, loves when you come to play with her!  I think you two will be best friends!

You love kisses!  Any kind really, any time you get kisses it makes you laugh.  You open your mouth really wide to get kisses!  Mommy loves to give you kisses all day long!

You crawl so well now! You picked it up so fast! You love to crawl all around our condo, you no longer have to be left in a room and you love it.  If mommy leaves you in one room you will come find me, or you will go in search of Jackie if she is not around

I think you would live in the grass if I would let you.  You love to sit on the grass and play with it.  You crawl all around outside exploring and trying to eat dirt.  I am trying to explain to you dirt is not to eat but you seem to disagree

Speaking of eating, you are a champ eater! You love to eat!  Real food is about all you eat now, baby food is of no interest really anymore.  You just want what we are eating and you love to feed yourself!  Avocados are still one of your favorites you seriously love me to just dice them up and you go to town!  I think eggs are a favorite too! We have omelets a lot and you love them!  We had taco salads the other night and you went to town on the black beans! I am thinking your going to be a wonderful eater just like big sis!

You are saying a few words here and there.  Dada is most common when you want him or to be held you will yell that! I do get a mama every now and then, and a Hi once in a while!  :)

You are still sleeping pretty good you go to bed around 10 and get up around 9, you get up about once to eat.

You really are such a mild and easy baby! You have the happiest and easiest personality!  I love it!  You hardly fuss and love to just play around and do your thing! :) We love you!

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