Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5k YAY!

We did our 2nd 5k.  It was fun but there was about a billion people which made it more fun  I thought!  I was happy i wanted to do it in under 40 minutes ( i know its a slow time) and  I did so i was happy Derek did it in 28 minutes i think! So now we are not signed up for anymore and they cost a lot so i don't think we will.  But we gotta figure out a goal we want to accomplish to keep us running....or something to keep us in shape! I am now 10 lbs from my goal but thinking i want to change my goal which puts me 20lbs from my goal.  :) so we shall see i am sure we will keep you updated, i am just proud of us for doing a 5k.  We went to the zoo after pictures will come soon :)


Topper said...

Way to go!! A new goal might be a certain # of miles a week/month. Just to keep you going. Plus look for cheep races, they're out there. I know some websites if your interested.

Brettrick said...

Congrats Jessica! I'm hoping to do a 5k sometime this summer as well, so this just inspires me to work that much harder.