Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy 8 months Abigail!


Can you even believe you are 8 months old today! You are getting so big and getting such a wonderful personality!

-You LOVE your big sister. You always want to be around her and watch what she is doing. You don't seem to mind whens he tries to pick you up, feed you, or snuggle you. You love to watch her and laugh. I love seeing you two interact and hope it continues!! Although getting a picture of the 2 of you is not easy!

-You do love food! You love to feed your self and always want to eat along with us! I do love this, its fun to watch you grow up and eating is just part of it! The other day while i was making cookies you dug right in! lol guess you are like your mama and love raw cookie dough! Potato Salad also made your favorite list yesterday. Now to get some teeth in your day I am sure!

-You can almost crawl! You are so dang close! you love to get up on all 4's do planks and roll and pivot all around, you have done the army crawl when you really want something its really cute!

-you love to song "if your Abby (happy) and you know it" you even know when to clap (see video below) i thought it was just a one time thing but you still do it every time!

-You love when mommy or daddy comes home. You get so excited and start flapping your arms and squealing until we come and kiss you...if we wait too long you get VERY upset!

-You have been SLEEPING! Yes that's right you do love your mommy! You have been going to bed around 10 and sleeping until 4 or 5 eating and then going back to sleep until around 9. Can I tell you how wonderful it is Abby!!!

- You are talking! Not quite as much as Jackie but you say dada and mama and have said hi here and there.  You do use dada for your daddy and mama for me so i think you get what they mean :) on mothers day you said  Hi dada and then hit him in the face :D 

this is the best pic we got lol their shirts say my  sis   is my BFF

-You are a very easy baby, much easier then are so content to just hang out and watch what is going on around hardly fuss or cry its wonderful you are such a joy in our lives! we love you so very much!

Thanks for being such a great and wonderful baby! Mommy loves you so very much!!

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