Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jackie's ER trip

Last night Jackie was out racing with all the little kids in our neighborhood.  One little boy had a bike and ran into her. She fell straight on the back of her head.  When i went to pick her up i saw a few drops of blood.  I tried to find the location as I kept seeing more blood.  I looked at the back of her head under her red stained hair and found a gash that was just a tab over 1/2 inch long.  We took her inside tried to get her cleaned up and decided to be safe we should just take her in.  Granted this all happened at 8:55 5 minutes before insta care closed grrrr but the nice doc there looked at her head and said he would recommend staples and to take her to the ER.  So we went and the nurses were very sweet to Jackie, she was super excited when they told her her hospital bracelet was going to match her fingernails.  (oh yes she is that girly!) She really did not seem to care at this point, was just enjoying the attention. 

She really dug the "moving bed"
Ever since i had Abby she has been asking to go in one and seeing Andy in the hospital made her really want one! Lol I am telling you my child is odd.  She has a doctors kit and always wants to go to the real doctor, remember when she was upset she did not get a shot at her 3 year old check up??

First she got numbed up, instead of a shot first they put numbing medicine on.  She loved having a green head band at first.  At this point it was around 10pm and she was tried and cranky, soo after a little while she wanted it off.  Plus they SLOW i guess ER's are slow but yeah, after about 45 minutes the nurse came to clean out her cut, and then left and I saw her walk out the door.  An hour later i was done, i went and asked a nurse what was going on she no longer was numb and i just wanted to take everyone home (Abby was there with me and derek too) The doc came right away had to give her a shot to numb her up (dont worry she was brave no tears!!) 
And then he put in 3 staples.

The nurse brought Jackie and Abby a little stuffed animal and sent Jackie home with some more green tape to make head bands for her animals. 

We left a bit after midnight and picked Jackie up a kids cone and happy meal from McDonald's  for her :) she was happy Abby feel asleep.  We got her in the tub cleaned her hair (the back of her head was red) and she went right to sleep and slept until now! (10:30am)

So her first ER trip was pretty easy, and we all made it through :) Now we just have to go back Tuesday to get them taken out. 

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Hayley Jones said...

oh man i'm glad she is okay!