Thursday, July 8, 2010

our attempt at not having entitled children

Derek and I both have strong feelings on our kids not having a sense of entitlement.  Its something we are trying to teach our kids.  We have been working hard at it and it seems to be paying off at the moment with Jackie.  She really loves to do jobs to earn money she still is struggling to do them well but she is learning and its the habits that i care about at this point! :)
I love that know when she wants something she starts to talk about buying it with her money and asking me how much it will cost.  She gets excited to do jobs to earn money for things.  When we go to work she asks us what we are going to spend our money on.  I am hoping the concept of money will sink in to her and she can get a good grasp at a young age that things cost money and money does not grow on tress.  I never remember to take a picture of her giving her money to the checker.  This time we brought her money in a purse. 
Tuesday she used her money to buy bubbles.  She is pretty happy that she bought them and tells everyone she used her own money for them.  This is the picture i tried to get on my phone lol.  She was super happy to have her bubbles and her receipt! :) 
I have been told by a few she is too little to do chores or work or grasp this concept, but I am just going to keep doing what we are doing because it seems to be working great! :) Hopefully it will continue to work as she gets older!

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Stephanie said...

That's awesome! We want to do that with our kids too, but we thought we would start when they got into kindergarten. . . now I'm thinking we should start sooner.