Friday, July 23, 2010

3 year old party check

Jackie requested a princess party this year.  She wanted to play dress ups do make up paint nails dance and have a princess cake.  It was easy enough to comply.

We had a blast! Jackie LOVED her party and kept telling me how much fun she was having.  She had a ton of family and a lot of little friends who showed up too!

My sweet friend took pictures for me so i did not have to worry about it! Thanks Marcie.  Now Jackie is going through a i wont smile or look at the camera phase hence why i wont even consider a new family picture just yet......any way party talk

Derek had to work AHH! but was able to take a 2 hour lunch ;) anyway me and the girls headed over early to make sure we would get some good tables and get everything all set up okay i dont have a picture of that i am lame and forgot to grab some, but it was cute there were princess table covers ;)  She loved opening her presents despite her face promise! 

This was the first present she opened its a bunch of dress up shoes she ran around yelling YAY and was SO excited she had to show it to everyone

Being Jackie NOT smiling when she knows a camera is around
See what i mean WONT look, but hey now y9ou can see the table :) haha this dress i got her a while ago but she knew it was her birthday dress and she had to wait to wear it she has been DYING to wear it! When we put it on she looked in the mirror and said, "oh mom i am so adorable!"
lol she is giving a kinda happy look :)
she really dug the opening gifts, her friend kept bringing them to her lets just put it this way she got A LOT of princess things
Uncle Chris got her a Bell Crown she LOVED IT!
We got tutus and crowns for the girls and swords for the boys who came
a bell dress to go with the crwon see how happy she PROMISE she is happy
My mom made her, her cake SHE really LOVED it!
She kept blowing them out while we were lighting them and singing so we had to re lite a few times

She had a blast i still think she is a stinker for not smiling, but she had a blast! her top gifts were her bell costume, shoes, princess bubble wand, sand box, and camera.  She got spoiled.  Our kidos our lucky we have HUGE families so they will always get a HUGE party, but hey mom and dad don't buy gifts if we do a party but they get pretty dang spoiled! SO thanks to everyone who helped and who came we had a blast!

I must add Abby was my super trooper baby as always and was good as gold.  She just crawled around ate dirt food. and played with everyone.  She only had an hour nap that day so i was worried, but I need to remember, Abby is just a baby i don't need to  worry about she is always content and easy :) oh and super cute!

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that's what she said...

what a FUN party jess! I can only imagine how much she loved it! Your girls are growing up too fast and are as gorgeous as ever!