Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 years a bit late :)

I am a bit late with Jackie's 3 year old post.  We made a emergency trip to Las Vegas to be with my little brother when his appendix ruptured.  So i am have no pictures of her but there are a TON down below :)

Miss Jackie,

Its hard for me to believe you are 3 years old!  Time seems to have flown by, but yet it seems you have been apart of our live forever.  I still remember the first time i held you and I just knew that you were special!  My life changed forever that day, and i am so happy to take on the role as your mother.

Jackie you are a very smart articulate little girl.  You LOVE to talk. You will talk anyone's ear off who will listen to you.  You repeat stories, tell people about your life, take about events that happened months ago, and well talk talk talk.  You tend to like to play with kids a bit older then you so you can have conversations.  When around kids your age you tend to just talk and not listen ;)

You are a princess.  You always want to play dress ups and be a princess.  You do not have a favorite.  You love all of them.  You have a bunch of different dress ups and enjoy playing dress ups with everyone that comes to visit male or female you do not care.  As long as they can pretend with you are love it!

You are my little helper, what ever I am doing you want to be right there with me.  You help me cook, sweep, mop, clean the car, do the laundry, what ever mommy is doing is what you want to do!!

You are SUCH a girly girl!  You love make up nail polish all things pink and fluffy!   You do like to do things with daddy that are more boy.   You have a baseball mitt and love to play catch, and you love to talk about hockey in fact for your birthday you made a hockey bear at build a bear (thanks uncle sim!)

You love your family and always want to give hugs and kisses.  You LOVE having a little sister and always want to play with her and have her do big things.  You talk to her all the time and just love having a friend at all times!

Your favorite color is red, your favorite food is enchiladas, your best friend is Kaylen, your favorite movie at the moment is enchanted (although this one changes often!) your favorite word is why (maybe its just the most used...)

You love to learn! You are always asking how words are spelled and asking to learn stories from church and repeating them back to us!! You really want to learn how to write so i am trying to help you here. 

You are really the perfect first child i could have ever asked for, you hardly throw tantrums, you are as sweet as can be, now if we can just get you to un learn the word why we would be set!  You really are one of the most loving little kids I know and I love it!  I cant wait to see you grow up and watch how you change.  I love you Jackie, you have a very special place in mommy's heart.

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