Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dear yellow xterra,
I don't miss how hot you made us while driving, your lack of first gear, or the  constant worrying what would go wrong with you next, but I do miss your great space and height and well yellow color!
A Toyota convert

Dear races (the name Jackie gave our new car),
Oh how i love you, you have wonderful gas millage, you look brand new, you have AC, you work, you have a wonderful warranty we did not have to pay for ahhhhh!
A non worried car owner

Dear parents of unsupervised children,
I am sick of watching your kids for you.  I have 2 of my own.  Your kids hit, push, play with things they should not, say mean things, throw rocks, and climb up places they could get hurt.  You really should step out side more and look at where your kids are playing
a mom sick of watching your kids

Dear Jackie,
I cant believe you will be 3 on Sunday, please stop growing up k?

Dear Walmart,
I love that you price match, you make me happy every week when i go shopping.  I know its weird but i love shopping and saving lots of money!
a addicted money saver

Dear July,
You are too hot, I miss the lovely 80's and 70's
a hot mama

Dear husband,
I love that you have kept our house so clean this last week THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I will always make sure its clean when i leave if it looks the same when i get home :) Also thanks for just being so wonderful, you make me the happiest women alive.  I am lucky to have you!
Your adoring wife

Dear Utah,
Your green and your mountains make me happy! I am sorry don't go enjoy them as much as they should.  I promise i will change
A wanna be hiker

Dear Abigail,
Thanks for sleeping better at night, I am enjoying the 8 hour stretch you do every night and LOVE the 12 hour stretches even more
your non zombie mommy

Dear technological age,
We got rid of our Internet and DVR at home.  I feel like we are slipping back in to the dark ages......I still try to pause my TV and rewind shows.  Jackie keeps pleading for her DVR to come back.  I am enjoying the less TV watching we are having at our house.  Internet i only miss here and there lets face it i spend 40 hours on the Internet at work,
a family in the stone age

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that's what she said...

i loved this post, lol. and i agree on a lot of it too. especially the parents watching their own kids part. i swear i'm always having to jump to catch kids that are going to fall off a play structure only to look back and the parent is reading a book or talking on their cell phone. so annoying.

you're cute jess!