Saturday, July 17, 2010

10 months missy moo!

Abby can you believe it you are 2 months away from turning one! I can not believe it!  Its hard to think you are growing up so fast.  No longer are you a baby, you are all to quickly becoming a toddler!

Right now you are sleeping through the night! Fingers crossed it lasts! But you are going to bed around 830-9 and waking up around 9am! i can just say THANK YOU!  This does mean you are only napping once during the day which daddy does not like as much but i love the sleep ;)!

You are becoming a little racer! You crawl so fast! You love to crawl and explore and go to wherever we are! You hate to be left a lone in a room and I think you love knowing you can come find us!

You love water, you like to play with hoses, in the bath, really anything that has to do with water.  The other day I told you it was bath time and you crawled right to the bathroom while i was getting things ready, little smarty pants

You say dada to dad when ever you see him or you yell it when you want him.  You say hi and wave a lot now too, its really cute! I love that you wave to people! You say mama here and there and you have said Jackie twice now but its only when i keep asking you to say it ;) its pretty cute!

You love real food, and are great at feeding your self! You make a mess but LOVE to do it, so we let you!  You also LOVE otterpops!  You get SO excited if you see us eating them and love to share! Last night while i was cleaning up i gave you your own and you laughed rocked and smiled SO big it made me laugh! 

You really are an easy baby you are always smiling your HUGE grin, and laughing.  I love you so much.  You make everyday brighter!

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