Monday, March 3, 2008

Just a lot of stuff can we say RANDOM!!

SO i am at work and i know i need to update my blog but i can not think i a certian thing to write about so i am just going to start typing and see where this blog and keyboard take me!

We have been doign great latley not much is new except Jackie is getting teeth which brings with it a whole lot of fun for her parents! She is pretty good and only gets fussy in the evenings but we are excited for her to get some teeth and for her to continue to get big!! Oh yeah she has started to pose for the camera (well has been for a while now)! haha she knows when we are taking her pictures and she also knows when you are making a video of her too lol! she is so smart!

This is her at church she has decided that church is not fun unless we hang out with the other moms and babies in the mothers lounge! She is so funny she really knows what is going on and gets mad unless we are in there! But she is sooo cute we let her get a way with it for now!

So i am at work and my friend Caitlin (who is soo sweet she watched Jackie for us last friday so we could go out!!! THANKS CAITLIN!!) is orginizing a march against domestic violence! its amazing to me how much stuff actually goes on here in Utah! There is a petition you all should go sign i did it now its your turn! go to if you sign the petition the united nations will donate $1 for every one who signgs it! This petition is part of a international campaign combating violence against women! SO all you go and sign it!!!

here are some facts about violence against women

1 in 8 in utah will be rapped! Utah has a rape rate that is higher then the national average

1 in 3 women will fall victim to sexual violence sometime in there life

91.4% of rapes happen by someone the victiam knows!

just some things i thought were interesting!!!!

Also i have decided that i need a vacation! Time away from work!! just time for me derek and Jackie to be together and not have to worry about anything else! oh well! summer is approaching guess we can go play then!!!!!


Tristan & Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh -- Jackie is so cute!! I love that baby! I love hearing about everything that your cute family is doing. Oh, and I signed up for the domestic violence thing too.

Caitlin said...

Thanks for the plug for the anti-violence campaign!! And I loved watching Jackie. I'm going to post those pictures I took of her soon. Also, the rally was AMAZING. It went so well.