Monday, February 25, 2008

JACKIE IS 7 MONTHS and work and other junk :)

So today is Jackie's 7 month birthday! WOW she is getting so old! It amazes me how fast babies grow! She is getting so big and so smart! She has recently found out how to say da da which my husband loves only she only says it when he is not around lol but oh well its cute! She has also decided she likes to scoot everywhere...i don't know if she will crawl because her new rolling scooting combo can get her every where she wants to go! She is getting much more interactive and play full she loves to be in the center of attention and always wants to be doing something!

She is a very good baby though she loves to play on the floor with her toys while i cook dinner or do other house hold chores.

She also recently found out how to pull her self up in her crib so Derek had to put her crib down so she can not fall out of it oh the joys of babies!!!!

She is a super smart baby! she Figures things out so fast and is very well developed for her age! I am amazed everyday at the new things she can learn and do!!

Other then that she is doing great! she loves to laugh and play peek a boo she loves to smile and play!

I am doing great just working in fact that's where i am right now...we started doing customer satisfaction surveys, its nice to hear that most all people love us and our system! :)

Derek is good he just had his birthday and bought him self a BMX bike so watch out X-games here he comes!


Tristan & Jennifer said...

She is such a cute baby! I want to see her again!!

Mary said...

How fun! She sounds like a fun, cute baby. I don't think I've ever even met her. We'll have to get together sometime.