Friday, January 29, 2010

random updates

  • Abigail is no longer showing any signs of teething...drooling seems to have stoped as well as fussiness and biting everything, and swollen who knows whats up there kinda glad she is not going to follow Jackie and get teeth at 4 months but going through that i kinda wanted something to show for it
  • We went ice skating up in cloudcroft
  • we all got some sort of bug i think it was food possining but you can not be too sure
  • I think i will keep the girls and me in today and tomorrow just to make sure
  • I got to go to girls night :) it was nice to get out and not worry about my kiddos
  • I started working at Hastings (like barnes and nobel) yeah my degree is doing wonders out here :)
  • While i was dying yesturday my Abigail was wonderful she is SUCH a sweet baby i feel pretty lucky, she let me just lay her there and ignor her
  • I am trying to decide if i want to kick Abby out of our bed...I am getting a bit sick of having her in there all the time since she will always cuddle up right next to me as cute as it is it makes it hard to sleep :) thoughts?  how do you get them out of your bed?
  • I wish Abby slept through the night or at least did more then a 3 hour streach....I miss my sleep!!  :)
  • it snowed again out here seriously i dont get what is up with all the snow out here we were told it never snows!
  • Abby as a smile she saves just for daddy
  • Jackie keeps growing up and is no longer my little baby she is getting to be such a big kid!
  • Jackie asks me daily to go to grandpas house it makes me sad that we cant go there
  • I have not done my dishes since Tuesday (yeah they are pretty backed up)
  • i am making a new Moby wrap
  • I have way to many shoes
  • i really like really you should try it if you have not yet :) i was a doubter at first but now i am a beliver!
  • i watch secret life of the american teenager (phew i feel better getting that off my chest!) as well as make it or break it and Greek
  • I love my family more then anything and feel so blessed to have them in my life!!

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