Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random thoughts by jess

My mind seems to be racing lately so many thoughts running through my head so i figure i will blog about some of them :) helps me sort through life....

credit cards....they are of the devil i hate that we have some I keep running through ways to pay them off and how we can do it quickly....i am looking forward to our tax return to pay off one of them and then use that payment to pay on another hopefully it will help us speed it up somewhat

tax return...i love doing my taxes :) i now nerd but i love it. I always do them we always get a lot of money back having kids and always being students makes for a good return....hoping this year wont disappoint either! :)

sleep....i think about this one a lot i dont get a ton. While Abby sleeps A MILLION times better than Jackie she is still up 3-4 times a night and i cant get her to sleep in her bed she refuses well refuses by waking up a million times compared to 3-4 so i take what i can get....any ideas out there to get her sleeping better and in her own bed...i know she is just 3.5 months old but still i am missing some good ol sleep :)

Jackie....I love that girl a million times over she always knows how to bring a smile to my face and brighten my day. She is so smart sweet and the last month or so we have seen some terrible twos surfacing but she is learning it does not fly and seems to be getting better :). She is still our amazing good eater, we have found as long as we make foods sound exciting and are happy to eat them she will be supper excited too! :)

Abigail....ahh my wonderful little bundle of joy. I love babies there is something so sweet about their spirits. She is a little sweetie, so good and happy (most the time ;)) she loves to be right next to mommy at all times she is my little sidekick and I am so in love! I think she is teething though.....lots of drool, slight fever, worse sleeping habits, biting everything, did i mention drool???? so we shall see when and if one pops out soon!

work....i gotta accept the fact i need to get a job, we need more income to pay off credit cards and our car and student loans. so off to look for a morning job. In all honesty the concept sounds nice i love working always have. I love the satisfaction i get from being a great employee

books...i love to read reading is such an escape for me. I need to do more of it! any good book suggestions out there??? me and Jackie are going to make a library trip soon! :)

Derek.....I love my husband. He is my everything. I love his commitment to the gospel, the time he spends going out with the missionaries. I love watching him play with our girls.....he truly is an amazing father who loves them so much. I love his commitment to our family and to me. He makes me want to be a better person, I am so glad i get him forever!

New Mexico....i am doing my best to like it here. I love the people the are truly wonderful people....i am however struggling to like new mexico its self its proximity to everyone we know. ahh i am trying though i promise! I do love our apartment here....its SO BIG and so cheep! i love it

Water....i miss utah water sad i know...but i HATE having to buy me though you dont drink the tap water here no one does and we learned why its GROSS yuck i love cooking :) someday i want a HUGE kitchen to cook in! I want the money to buy tons of crazy foods to make and to come up with new recipes! i love being in the kitchen! :) did anyone else watch it today and see the couch?? GROSS GROSS and more GROSS

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Danielle and the Boys said...

that must suck to have to BUY all of your water-but you do what you gotta! lol.