Sunday, January 17, 2010

my snuggle bear is 4 months!!!


Today you are 4 months old! Mommy can not beleive how big you have gotten and how much you have changed! You loved being in Utah and getting a lot of attention, but I think you are happy to be back at home.

You can roll over. From tummy to back. You hate tummy time so you figured out how to end it. You look so surpirsed everytime you roll over it makes mommy laugh.

You love to play. You love your play mat you will play there for hours just hitting the toys and grabbing them and watching your sun sing to you. Jackie always comes to play with you when you are there maybe that helps too. Your car seat has a play bar in it and you always are playing with it. It makes taking you out in it better you can keep busy!

You always want to be entertanined. You are not one for a dull moment. You want something to play with or someone to be talking to you all the time! You hate it when mommy does not pay attention to you while your nursing. You dont like mommy to read. I think you know that is our specail time and you want it all your self! :)

You talk to us all the time. We dont know what yyou are saying yet, but you sure have a lot to say! You can tell when yyou are excited or angry by the way you talk its really cute!

Mommy thinks you are teething. You have started to chomp on everything and anything and drool like crazy and well are a bit crankier you cry in pain and just touch and pull at your face. I hope we see some teeth soon, i hate seeing you in pain :(

You LOVE to snuggle when you sleep you want to be right next to mommy. we are talking right next holding on to mommy. I think its cute, but sometimes i just want my space, so you start out the night in your bed, and hten i bring you in when you wake up and just fall asleep so you never make it back to your bed i think you like it that way

You really like to stand up you always want to stand and talk to everyone!

Mommy is pretty excited to start you on some rice ceral! i think you will love it but we shall see!

I love you snuggly bear, you have changed my life! After Jackie i did not know how my heart could open that much up again, but it has i love you so much! You are my sweet Abigail mmommy loves you and cant wait to see you grow!


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