Wednesday, March 17, 2010

half a year down for Abby!!

My dearest Abigail,

Today you turn 6 months that's a half of a year!! I can not believe you have been in our lives that long it seems like it has flown by! During your little life you have had a lot happen! We moved right before you were born to New Mexico.  After about 5 months we decided that it was not what we wanted for our little family so we moved you back! You will always be our little New Mexico baby!

At 6 months like to
  • Sit all by your self--until you see something out of reach then you tend to lung and fall...but you usually are happy that you got what you wanted
  • drink from a sippy cup! Mommy is happy about this one, you dont like bottles so i was worried how you would eat when i went back to work and the sippy was the answer :) 
  • eat and like baby food- you love to do what everyone else is doing! so we have been putting you in the booster seat and feeding you with my dear are in heaven with this arrangement and smile and laugh the whole time
  • sleep in your own bed! YAY!! mommy LOVES this one! you have not wanted to sleep in your own bed until we came to Utah.  You have your own room now and sleep in YOUR bed not mine :) 
  • "talk" you seem to have a lot to say i am looking forward to figuring out what it is
  • play with all sorts of papers or bags you should not play with...but hey if we are there we will let you! :) 
  • watch your big sister Jackie.  You are fascinated with everything she does. You love to watch her in all her Jackieness! She makes you laugh!
  • be tickeled! its fun :)
  • stand love when people will hold you up so you can stand
  • see what is going on! You hate to sleep or eat when we are doing something or there is anything going on.  You just want to look and play 
  • look and smile at me when i get home from work...when i nurse you when i get home you eat look up smile eat look up smile its really cute and nice to know that you missed me! 
You do NOT like
  • bottles
  • sleeping when we are out
  • sleeping through the like to play with mom 
  • being taken out of the bath
  • rice cereal
  • LONG car rides (you did not care for the drive from NM to UT)
  • Snuggling you love to play! (although at night i can usually get a few!) 

Abigail I love you! I am so glad you are in our lives! You make everyday more fun and exciting.  Cant wait to watch you grow but i am enjoying the few snuggles  you will give and holding you!

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