Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jackie loves the track!

in our attempts to get back in running before we do a 5k the end of this month we have decided to run over at the field house when i get off work to try and help us get back in the groove! Jackie has always loved going to the field house at BYU and playing in the middle section or with the basketballs ect.  Last week we headed over there for a run and little Jackie was SO excited she could not contain her self she HAD to run on the track with us! lol so she did a lap or 2.  It was pretty darn cute she now keeps talking about her exersizes and doing exersies! We went back last night for FHE and she did 3 laps! thats over .5 miles! lol she wanted to do more too haha.  She also loves to come do push ups and sit ups with us.  She is my silly girl who just wants to be a grown up and do what ever mommy and daddy do. 

She still talks about kissing boys in the temple
sometimes she will even tell me what boy she wants to kiss lol

she wants to be a hockey player and have daddy watch her play...she wont let me forget she needs some Jackie ice skates

She is always helping me clean she has her "own" broom and vacuum

she named her baby doll Kari...we are still trying to figure out where she got that name from, but its a bit more  creative then her last doll named dolly ;) but she likes to take care of her like I take care of Abby

She talks about getting big and going to work oh how fast they grow up :) 

I love this little girl to death! she is so cute and always cracking us up with the new things she is coming up with! She is sure a smart little one!  I love coming home from work and getting a huge hug and having her tell me about her day! I try to take time every night to snuggle with her in bed and have her tell me all about her day :) she is a talker and will go on it makes my day!

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