Saturday, March 13, 2010

attempting to meet the demands of Danielle

one of my friends demanded i put some pics up of my girls me and our place so here ya go Danielle
abby in her room

The crib and abby playing around

my book case turned dresser Abby needs curtians and her name on the wall but those are too come oneday :) I am amazed at how well she sleeps when i rock her in here it works wonders!!

This is Jackies room its kinda nice havinng them in their own rooms...
My parents gave her one of us kids old desks she loves it!
Her princess tent has to be out her room here is the smallest she has ever had so it dosent fit so well but she still loves it! her Dolly names Dolly sleeps in it every night
she asked me for a picutre of the temple to put on her wall that was all i had handy i need to find her something more
When Jackie found out she would have her own bathroom she told me she wanted a frogy bathroom this is what we found at target
These are my favorites
She told me i could not forget the sink
Our front parents bought a flat screen and gave us their old big screen:)
dinning room part of our kitchen i need to get barstools
the rest of the kitchen well minus the fridge and pantry bbut they are there promise :)

haha there you go thats our place minus our room i did not feel like making the bed :) Hope these 3 posts get me off Danielles demands list!!

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that's what she said...

ooo-lucky me! :) I have to say-your house is so cute jess!!! I love what you've done with it and am totally impressed you got it decorated so quick! I don't feel like my house is half as decorated/put together and we've lived here 3 years now. And I totally love your big kitchen-looks dreamy! ;) Hope you're doing well-love ya!