Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My girls are getting big!

Derek and I have been talking about how big both of our girls are getting
we were at Target the other day ( I soo found a gift card i forgot i had WONDERFUL!) 
(and Derek got me New Moon even MORE wonderful!)
Abby decided she did not want to sit in her car i put her in the cart WOW that just 
seems big to me! 

I think she liked it what do you think??  Jackie thought it was cool abby was in the car
She did want Abby to sit on the bench next to her, maybe in a few months
I can only handle so much growing up!

Most nights i put Abby to sleep while Jackie watches a show to calm the her down
then i go have some snuggle time with Jackie we read a story and talk about her day, what she is going
to do tomorrow. (this girl makes some big lists!)
Monday night she told me Abigail wanted to come snuggle with her
They had fun and Jackie loved snuggling up to her little sis
But Abby was ready to eat and fussed a bit Jackie told me no specail boop food
she would make Abby happy
Problem solved Jackie shared her water.....this at least got us through story time and what 
Jackie did today and will do tomorrow time

I love these little girls so much! Its amazing to me how much joy children can bring into your life
I love coming home from work and watching their faces light up :) 
At least they have fun with their daddy while i am here

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that's what she said...

it is crazy how fast they grow up! i love hearing about all the little things they do together-matt and i talk a lot about how much our boys are starting to really play together-SO WONDERFUL! Guess it's just time for you to have another! ;) JUST KIDDING!