Monday, April 5, 2010

ten tiny babies

Jackie always seems to have a certain book she wants read at night.  It will be the same book for a long time and Derek and I will get so sick of it or have it too well memorized we switch it up.  Right now her book is
when it came time for bed tonight she ran into her room saying "i read ten tiny babies by Karen Kats tonight mom!"
she then proceed to read recite the entire book to me.  Besides a word here or there she got the whole maybe its time to switch to a new book?

I love my little Jackie I love hearing her read  recite books, after story time we say prayers, there is really nothing in this world like hearing your child say a prayer by her self.  I love watching her grow in her prayers
I love listening to her speak to our Father in Heaven.  I love hearing the things she asks for and blesses.  It makes my night! 

Nothing in this world beats being a mom!

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