Thursday, April 15, 2010

a perfect evening!

Did you see the sun today?
Did you go out to play?
Did you take time to enjoy?
I DID!!!  We did!!
After work we went outside and played and played and played
Derek went running, i played with the girls outside in the grass, Jackie played with friends
Abby ate grass, I loved the sun
Derek came home, but had to leave for work *sigh* we jusst never see much of each other
My girls were perfect all night, we snuggled
we played
we had snacks
we built towers
we rolled around
we built towers
we built towers
we (I) attempted to avoid giving Abby bath which Jackie cried and told me
she wanted her sister to be with her
she needed her sister in the bath
she said please
I caved
Jackie watched Monsters (monsters inc.) to which she told me
she wants a monster in her closet....
Abby and I read books Abby laughed and laughed and smiled
Abby ate
I rocked her she smiled and me I smiled back over and over again
I rocked her to sleep
(a treat for mom and her! I always put her down awake)
snuggles for Jackie and mommy
laughs, hugs, giggles, tickles,
parenthood (the tv show)
we had a fun night
can the sun PLEASE stay!
because it just seems the days are so much
nicer when a lot of it can be spent out side playing in the grass!


that's what she said...

isn't that the truth! loved hearing about the little details of your evening!

e said...

I was in the sun yesterday too! YAY!

Except for some reason it heated up my shoes (they are red) so when I put them on, it burned my feet! As did my black purse. The solution? barefoot and time to buy a white purse!