Friday, April 9, 2010


*sigh* i wish i could say i loved running! 
I wish i could tell you that i am enjoying every minute of it. 
I wish i could say i cant wait to go run....but the truth is i still HATE it!!
I love how it has helped me lose weight, i love that i am in much better shape but really once i am running i have no desire to keep running.....I would much rather do other random things....but those don't work near as well *sigh*.  
Guess i will keep running and hoping i learn to love it.  I must say i am LOVING getting into shape and losing weight and feeling smaller :) it is a wonderful feeling :)!!
I am just hoping with this new warmer weather that i can learn to love it!!  I have another 5k coming up in a month! Gotta get ready for that!  I want to be able to run it all....but I have a long way to go!
SO if you want to run and don't care that I am slow wanna go with me??  I could use some good motivation!
I have now lost 40lbs! This makes me so incredibly happy!  I still have some weight i want to lose and a poor stomach that needs help after 2 kids but i think i can pull through!


that's what she said...

you can do it jess!!! I actually went running outside for the first time last night (after not doing it in years). I've just been doing incline training on my treadmill forever. But I ran a 3 mile route without even thinking about it. I was AMAZED! But I think it was only easy because of the treadmill stuff I've been doing. Do you have access to a gym at all? If so, you could try doing incline training for a bit and then going back to running on level ground-would make it seem easier. Also, I bought the NikePLUS which is really great for beginning runners-you should get it! Good luck and keep on going. Wish we lived closer and could go running together.

Tim said...

Pick up a copy of "Born to Run." That will get you going. Barefoot.

cherigarner said...

You are doing great! You look gorgeous! I do love running. Can't say I always did! It was fun doing the 5K together.