Saturday, April 17, 2010

7 months NO WAY!

My dear sweet Abby,

Mommy can not believe that i am writing a post about your 7th month! Time sure has flown since you have come into our lives!  You sure have added a lot to our little family.  Taking us from 3 people to 4 makes us seem SO much bigger! We love it Abby.  We love you so much. 

You have such a sweet and loving demeanor.  You hardly cry or get upset.  You are pretty content to hang out and watch what is going on around you.  You adore your sister Jackie.  You love to watch her play and always want to join in with her! In the tub the other day she would yell and you would look at her and yell back...this went on for a good 5 minutes, mommy just  sat back and watched and laughed at the 2 of you!  You always want what ever is in Jackie's hands, what she is playing with you want to be playing with.  Jackie loves to play with you, i can only hope this continues and the two of you can develop a wonderful friendship that will last you through out your life. 

You are starting to enjoy food, although you do prefer the fruit when it comes to baby food, you seem to like veggies and meats if they are from mommys plate....i don't really blame you though those veggies and meats are not tasty (yes i have tried them YUCK!!) I think you like to feel big eating with the rest of us!

You are starting to scoot a bit...not a ton but you can get around near you up but you turn your self in a circle and roll around and move backwards....daddy wants you to get mobile but mommy still wants you to remain her little baby and that seems one step further to growing up *sigh* i guess there is nothing i can do to stop it.

You know mommys voice, when i call daddy while i am working you let out the cutest little squeals when you hear me! I LOVE it! you also give me such a huge smile when i get home from work! 

As for dislikes you don't like it when people do not appear to be paying attention to you, you love to have an audience!  You don't like bottles or cold milk although daddy is trying to make you like it to make his life easier :) Besides that you don't have many dislikes! like i said your a very easy going baby!!

You are growing like crazy sweetheart mommy loves you more then i can express.


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cherigarner said...

Abby is a wonderful addition to the family. She is such a sweet baby. It is so fun to watch her grow. She is a lucky girl to have such loving parents and an adorable big sister!