Thursday, April 22, 2010


Saw this on another blog, 1 random fact about you  for each year you are old, So 24 random things would be me :)

  1.  I LOVE being back in Utah (okay that was probable a given) but its wonderful to be back in an area that people care, there's wonderful grass, places to shop, and jobs that provide :) 
  2.  Having 2 kids is not as hard as people made it out to be, I really don't think its that much harder, but it does make me A TON more tired
  3. I enjoy being back at work, I miss my kiddos like crazy but i do enjoy working a lot
  4. I still hate running
  5. Despite my hate i am still going running
  6. If you ask me how I am I will most likely tell you tired, combination of a baby who still wont sleep through the night, husband who works until 11 or later, and a alarm set for 7am 
  7. I really really love to cook, its one of my favorite things to do!
  8. I NEVER stick to a recipe nope never i am always changing them around and playing with them to make them better :) does not matter who its from lol
  9. I love to spend hours looking for new recipes 
  10. I am a food snob, since i love cooking, i love it when people take time to cook and prepare food and take pride in it 
  11. I think all kids can be good eaters if you work with them 
  12. Despite wanting my kids to love everything i do have foods i do not like top of the list SEAFOOD! yuck...but i do have Jackie try it
  13. I am working on like Chinese least a few items so we can eat it as a family, Derek and Jackie love it!
  14. I let my daughter go to bed at 11pm a lot (we try for 10 but lets face it she is a night owl)
  15. I really love 24 and hope NBC picks it up *sigh* i need more Jack in my life
  16. Lost is really weird this season and i am 5 episodes behind, not too into it this time around
  17. Parenthood (the TV show) is freaking awesome! I love well as parenthood i think its freaking awesome and love it as well
  18. I freak my self out when i am home alone at night all to easy
  19. I LOVE scary movies, but look at #18 maybe i should not watch them
  20. The greatest joys in my life are Derek, Jacquelyn, and Abigail
  21. I love my Savior and his gospel.  I am so grateful to have it be a part of my life
  22. I LOVE to breastfeed and think everyone (as long as its good for baby) should do it until your kid is at least 1, I hope Miss Abby will hang on and let me do it longer!
  23. I pumped for Jackie since she would not nurse
  24. I love pumping so Abby can have breast milk while i am working...even if i get some weird comments and opinions on it

So there ya go now i want YOU to do it :) thats right you reading this right now, type up ___ amount of facts about you its kinda fun! :) 

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e said...

you know what...I kinda think you titled this post 24 just because you like that show WAAAAY too much. It just happens to be how old you are too.