Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I just have to brag

Today was Jackie's 18 month check up and the doc was floored by how advanced she is and by everything she is doing! He was mostly impressed by her talking abilities! She even had a conversation with the doc while we were there. He came in and said Hi she said, "hi" he asked how are you today she said, "good" he asked if she has been good for mama and she said, "yes" lol. He told me that she just seems like the perfect kid, she is way above all the developmental mile stones and she was perfect while the doc was looking at her and did what ever he asked! She only cried for a second when she got her shoots.

We were in the dinosaur room, and I was teaching her about the dinosaurs and she said dinaor, after her shoots they got dinosaur band aids and kept pointing to them telling me dinaor

She was 32.5 inches long which is the 75.86%
She was 25.13Lbs. which is the 63.59
and her head came in at 19 in. which is 90.62% lol poor girl has always had a big head but hey its coming down from the 99% she started in ;)

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Jessica said...

That's odd, Jarren didn't have to have shots at his 18 month. He has some again in 6 months and then no more until kindergarten.