Friday, January 23, 2009

What me and Derek are up to ;)

I know always blog about Jackie so i thought i would update you guys on me and Derek lol

We are doing great! Derek is finishing up his last semester in school, witting here and there for the Daily Herold and playing hockey for BYU! He is always busy and running around trying to get everything done, we don't see too much of each other right now, but its nice to know come April he will be done with school!! He is starting to look around for jobs after he is done which is an exciting scary adventure for us!
As for me, I am doing great! Just working and trying to make sure we get some good family time in! Work is going pretty good they have laid off a few people but assure me I am safe, but its still a little scary, you just never know what can happen. Besides that everything is great :) As you can tell my blogged got pimped again by Jenn! THANKS JENN!!!!!!!
Hope everyone is doing great! Just remember to always Smile and be happy :)


The Spicers said...

Yeah it's scary thinking what can happen in these bad economic times. It's so crazy to think Jackie is 18 months old! Glad to hear ya'll are doing well though!

Danielle and the Boys said...

yeah, and I had no problem with the bottle. I did that before he was even a year old. It probably was a good 7+ months ago that I switched him. As soon as I realized that he COULD drink out of a sippy cup, I bagged up all the bottles and never looked back. He was too young to know any better. Good luck with Jackie-both with the bottle and the bed! If she has a really hard time with the bottle you could try the nuby brand. It has a top similar to a bottle but in a sippy cup style. Or doing the water in the bottle, chocolate milk in sippy cup kinda thing. Maybe it would help with transitioning? Anyway, i'm sure you've got it all figured out! lol. :)