Friday, January 23, 2009

Kiddie tag

Name and Meaning: Jacquelyn Supplanter

Age: 18 months

Nicknames: monkey, moo face, Jackie bear, moo head, Jackie cougar, Jackie, monkey moo

Favorite Activities: Watching Handy Manny, playing ring around the rosies, coloring, playing with her Handy Manny tools, playing with my now her stuffed cougar Isaac, wresting with daddy, playing on our bed, playing "chase"

Favorite Foods: lol cheese would be the TOP she also likes, spaghetti, really anything with noodles and sauce, she loves chicken and rice, broccoli, grapes, apples tomatoes, strawberries, fries, really she LOVES all food

Least Favorite Foods: We have yet to find a food she will not eat or that she does not really like :)

Favorite Music: She loves the primary songs they always make her happy in the car, she loves the theme song to two and a half men she even knows it ;) !

Favorite Toys: I would have to say her slide, magna doddle, and OF OCURSE her handy manny tool box ;)

Favorite Books: Bubbles bubbles is her FAVORITE she even knows alot of the words and when we stop she will fill them in (we might have read it ONE to many times) she also likes, the rain came down, and good night moon

Favorite Item of Clothing: hmmmm thats a hard one because she LOVES clothes in general. We had to put a hockey stick through her dresser so she could not open it and take her clothes out and try to put them on. If i would have to pick i would say dresses are her favorite because she FREAKS out when i bring them out and keeps saying so pretty sp pretty :)

What makes her happy: Tickling, hugs, kisses, coloring with her on her magna doddle, giving her spaghetti, letting her have her bottle, letting her on our bed to play with us, talking on the video phone to my mom

What makes her sad: She gets sad when dad leaves, when I wont let her have her bottle, when i wont let her spill her bottle, and really just if we wont let her do what she wants

Funny words or phrases: My favorite thing she says is when she comes into a room she says, "hi guys!" lol She just learned cougar :) when you tell her go cougars, she starts to sing the fight song, "rise rise" then puts her arm in the air "raw raw raw raw". "Call granma" is her favorite thing to say. She just learned bum bum too :) and she can say love you!

Favorite thing about them: My favorite thing about Jackie is how much she loves us! I love how unconditional her love is! Being a mom you dont always do what makes them happy, and its nice to know they will still love you and want hugs and kisses!

I tag anyone and everyone that has a kid lol


Allison Murray said...

sounds like you got one good kid! you are lucky!

p.s. i finally have time to comment because i'm on hold with a merchant account...for the past 15 minutes....

Jessica said...

Jackie is so cute! Isn't it fun to take a sec and brag? ;)

Jessica said...

Jackie is so cute! Isn't it fun to take a sec and brag? ;)