Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 random things about me

So EVERYONE is doing this and i thought hmmm maybe I should join in the fun.

1. I come from a blended family so i have 4 parents and 13 siblings (8 step brothers 2 1/2 brothers 1 blood brother 1 step sister and 1 1/2 sister)
2. I have lived in Utah my whole life, most of which was spent in Utah county.
3. I want to move out of Utah for at lest a little while, I would like my kids to get a taste of what it is to live outside of here
4. I hate to clean, i really just can not stand to spend time cleaning! So my rule is i will keep my living room clean we pick it up every night, that way if people come over there is an area that is presentable. I will clean the other areas when i feel like it :)
5. I could care less about HDTV and Blue ray. I have seen movies and TV shows on them and I just don't think its that much cooler, i really do not need to see how Morgan Freeman is aging
6. I love working, but at the same time HATE being away from Jackie and my home.
7. I am starting to be okay McDonalds (shhh don't tell Derek) its the only place that has a play place that Jackie can play in with out our help so we have taken her there a lot this winter so she can play and get her energy out because lets face it our apt is too small to do that
8. I am a horrible lair.
9. I also have a fear of the dentist
10. I hate driving, i love being the passenger
11. I hate that i live so far from my mom
12. I LOVE my DVR and really do not know how i will ever watch TV again with out it, if i am ever watching "live" TV i get so frustrated that i can not fast forward through the commercials. I figure watching TV on a DVR saves time because you don't spend time watching all the junk you don't want to watch :)
13.I have an irrational fear of Doctors and spiders. It took everything inside of me to handle going to the doctor monthly while prego with Jackie, I have no idea how i am going to be able to handle it with this one...I just plain don't like them.....don't even get me started on spiders
14. I only knew Derek for 2 months when he proposed and we were married a month later
15. I would rather spend my mornings playing with Jackie then taking the time to do my hair fancy so it usually ends up in a bun of some sorts.
16. I absolutely love to cook, I love that i can just throw things together and they always work
17. I hate recipes and never really use them
18. I love cooking for people and having people over for dinner! It just gets really expensive so we don't do it as often as I would like, but if you want to come over some time let me know!
19. I played the violin in high school, but i have not really touched it much since then so i don't know if i can still play it
20. I am not a paranoid person or mother and i figure Jackie has only been sick once in her life so I figure what is the point about stressing out even more.
21. I am a food snob, since I love to cook (and i think i am pretty good) I hate it when people don't put time and love into their cooking
22. I always try to find the good in a situation
23. I always try to see something from the other persons side sometimes this drives Derek crazy, but i always want to give people the benefit of the doubt
24. I married the best man in the world for me and have loved every minute if marriage
25. I love Mexican food :)

OKAY EVERYONE! get on it and do it if you have not already! I want to learn all about you guys!


The Petterssons said...

You have an irrational fear of doctors and have no idea how you are going to be able to handle it with this one?? I'm confused...are you pregnant??

Danielle and the Boys said...

you crack me up jess! such a sly one....

Jennifer and Tristan said...

Yay!! Jess is prego! So excited for you dearie :)