Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby post!

(Dont get any ideas Danielle! I am not prego!! lol )

1.Where were you when you first found out that you were pregnant? In the Bathroom
2.Who was with you? lol just me! Derek wanted me to wait a week to take a test but i knew something was up so i took it!
3.How did you find out that you were pregnant? I had been really tired for a few days and felt weird so i peed on a stick and saw two lines
4.What was your first reaction to finding out you were pregnant? I was SO excited, then i got nervous!!!!
5.Who was the first person you told? DEREK!!!!
6.Did you plan to get pregnant? Yes, I was surprised it happened so fast!! we thought it would take a while so that part was a surprise!
7.Did you tell everyone else right away? We told our parents, and Derek siblings. After that we just told if people asked lol oh i guess i told work right away
8.Was everybody happy for you? Oh yes!!!!
9.Did you go out and celebrate? We went to wingers!!
10.Did you want to find out the sex? Oh YES! I do not know how people could not find that out! I went crazy waiting 19 weeks to find out!!! lol
11.What was the sex? Girl!
12.Did anyone throw you a baby shower? My mom and Neighbor and Neighbor! It was great! Best shower EVER!! .
13.Did you get any outfits at the baby shower that you just knew that you wouldn't put on your baby? lol a few, but i think i have used them when we have reached the bottom of the drawers!
14.How much weight did you gain? 12 lbs
15.Did you lose all of the weight that you gained? lol yes, but alas i gained some of it back
16.Did you get any stretch marks? Sadley enough my stomach now looks like to got attacked by a tiger!
17.What did you crave the most? 1st trimester wingers, wings 2nd los 3 amigos salsa and smothered burritos and Chillies fajitas, salsa and molten lava cake 3rd trimester Carls Jr. spicy chicken sandwhiches
18.Did you crave anything crazy? lol the craziest thing was on my b-day i was 8 months prego derek was going to take me to the roof, when we were getting ready i started to crave carls jr. spicy chicken sandwhiches so i begged him to take me there instead! haha
19.Who or what got on your nerves? lol not getting the food i wanted ;)
20.Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? lol nope nothing really just all the normal stuff, i did have really really bad sciatic nerve issues through the 2nd and 3rd trimester
21.Where and when did you go into labor? On the 24th of July i told derek we were trying every wifes tale in the book because i was done being prego. So we did during the night i woke up with back pains, but thought nothing of it and tried to sleep lol i did not get much sleep and by 7 am i could no longer stay in bed and relized the pains were 5 minutes apart i was confused and thought i could not be in labor because the pains were in my back. And the pain never went way just got worse every 5 minutes then would go down. So i called the doc and he told me i was in labor, and to come to the hospital. I told him that it could not be labor he said its called back labor. I told him i would go to the office to get checked out lol
22.Did your water break? They broke it there when i was 5 cm
23.Who drove you to the hospital? lol i did!
24.Who was in the room when you gave birth? Derek, and some docs
25.Did you go early or late? 3 days early!
26.How long were in labor for? 13 hours before my emergency c section
27.Did you have any drugs for the pain? HECK YES!!!!
28.Did you go natural or have a C-section? C-section. Before i even went to the hopsital while at the docs office they were worreid about Jackie because her heart rate was so low and dropped with every contraction, so they told me to be prepared. I got them to wait tell 8pm but her heart rate was just too low they had to get her out!
29.What was your first reaction after giving birth? I was scared, they ran her out so fast because she was not brething right!
30.How big was the baby? 8lbs 2oz 20.5 inches
31.Did your husband cry? lol no he thought the c-section was SO COOL!
32.What did you name the baby? Jacquelyn
33.Does his name have any significant meaning? Nope we just really liked it!
34.Did you have any visitors? haha i dont think we really ever did not have visotors! .
35.Did the baby have any complications? yes she was in the NICU for 5 days with an infection but she was fine after some antibiotics! She pooped inside and swallowed some if it they think she got stick from that! She was a little overdone they think
36.How old is your baby today? almost 18 months
37.When is the next one coming? lol who knows!
38.If you could, would you do it all over again? without a doubt!

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Danielle and the Boys said...

alright, i copied you and katie and my other friend jessica. lol. baby tags all around... isn't it fun going back and remembering all of this? :)