Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jackie Jackie Jackie

We decided Jackie needs to start pulling her weight around the house by doing chores. she is now in charge of mopping......
She works really hard! She makes sure to get all the spots on the floor
She loves every minute of it

look how hard she concentrates while she does it! haha what can i say my daughter loves to help me around the house! Anytime i am doing something she wants to help. (i really hope you know i am joking she does not have any chores lol)

okay i am a slacker mom here is Jackie in her dog costume


Mom look what i found while you where making lunch! You should really think of a better hiding spot than behind the chair

Here mom i will share with you i know these are your favorite, after all it is my candy i am the one who they gave it too!

mmmm thanks for giving me some! cant wait to eat the rest of it!!!

hahahah on top of the counter not good enough mom! I can still find it! ITS MINE ALL MINE!!

MOM YOU BETTER GIVE ME SOME!! All the other moms are giving their kids candy! come on just one little piece!

1 comment:

Brieanna said...

Jackie looks so much like Derek when he was a baby. You should do a side by side picture. :)
She is getting so big!!!