Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear blog world,

Please blog more. I need something to keep me entertained while working. I would greatly appreciate your compliance with this request! at the very lest send me links to interesting blogs out there!

Thank you and i love you all!


Mary said...

Here is a few link that should keep you pretty busy.

The Spicers said...

I will try harder! :)

Jessica said... is where I go when I'm bored. There's some pretty entertaining stuff on there. Start with searching "Bluhd", "Charlie bit my finger" and "lilly geography". That'll get you started. Enjoy!

Beth said...

I'm trying, but the last couple weeks have been hard :( When despression hits I don't feel like blogging. My new strategy is to write several in advance and space them out over the course of several days :) So hopefully my blogs will give you joy lol! I know yours do :)

Patrick & Adrienne said...

patrick said you should find more things to entertain you than relying on what's happening in other peoples' lives. he said if you have to live vicariously through us then you have a sad life. lol. anyway, good luck finding ways to entertain you! we'll blog when we can - and when we have something to say instead of just "today we went to school" heh heh. you should blog more too ya know. :)

Jennifer & Tristan said...

I blogged! Stay entertained :)