Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jackie mama????

This is Jackie's baby, she loves this little doll. Today she was playing ma ma. I was cleaning up from her dinner and i hear her saying mama baby mama baby. I look over and she has the babies hand and is pointing it to her self saying mama and then taking the babies hand and saying baby lol here she is holding her babyShe loves to carry her baby all around the houseHere she was saying "baby eye" she then went on to teach her nose and ear (now in PJ's) she is saying knock knock, if you cant tell she has the babies hand is knocking it against the door

Making sure the baby has its binki
oh and of course trying it out her self!

The baby got hungry so she put her in her high chair

She had to make sure she was buckled in!
And then she tried to feed her grapes!
Lol Jackie always makes me laugh! Hope you guys enjoy reading about all the stuff she does,


Danielle and the Boys said...

how CUTE is that?! what a need to have another kid already so jackie can have a REAL baby to play with! :)

Jennifer & Tristan said...

Oh my gosh! She's such a cutie! And such a good little mommy... must have a good example :)

Julie Weiss said...

Weird, you just commented on my blog as I WAS ABOUT to comment on yours. This post made me laugh. Jackie is for a sure a girl.... Tyler has only once encountered a baby doll looked at it and threw it on the floor so he could go grab some sort of manly toy, a ball, car, hockey stick, or tools.

Jessica said...

Jackie is so cute! I'm impressed with how advanced she is for her age!

The Petterssons said...

So cute! She wants to be like her mommy! I love it!!