Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cell Phone pictures!

Here are some cute pics of Jackie from my phone. Here she is on her seat--it was supposed to be for Christmas but her dad did not want to wait, she loves this thing and sits on it all the time! its a really cool chair this is the laying down position but it folds up too to be a little sofa. She loves to fold it up and down lol....now just have to wrap it up on Christmas morning ;)

This was her on Sunday, i thought she looked so cute in her outfit! and she did not pull her hair out! It was a good day!

Please ignore her hair here ;) her daddy did not do it lol. This is Jackie eating her very first ice cream cone, we have given her bites of ours but we decided she could try out her own, lol she did not eat much of it but was SO excited to have one

Daddy really for me!!

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