Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Come What May and Love it!

With the passing of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin one of our dear Apostles, I just wanted to remember the talk he gave us this past conference because it really was my favorite and i really needed to hear it when he gave it.

Come What May and Love it. He made some points
Learn to Laugh, Seek for the Eternal, The Principle of Compensation, Trust in the Father and the Son, I loved his talk and its true, we need to learn that our life will go in many different directions we can not know what way our life will go, but we need to be able to love what ever situation we are put in.

I have found that in times of trials you can learn and grow from them, and in the end be thankful for the situations the Lord put us in

So as He said, Come what may and love it!

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