Monday, December 1, 2008

more words for Jackie............Nursery

So this weekend Jackie started saying a lot of names! she said

Andy (her uncle)
Alex (her Uncle)
Lauren (her Aunt)
Chris (her uncle)

She also said

Ice cream
hohey (hockey)

I love watching her learn and grow and learn new words! It was fun to watch her put names to faces!! And of course they all loved it!

So Jackie is now old enough to go to nursery with me! Well starting this coming Sunday, I am so freaking excited, we cheated and went this Sunday, and it was so freaking nice! Nursery is perfect for little kids (lol i know go figure) their little bodies cant hold still for the three hours expecially when they are missing nap time!
But nursery is nice, i mean play time,
then they sit and sing songs for like 3 minutes,
and then have a 1 minute lesson,
then its off to snacks,
and then story time!
Its perfect and Jackie is so much happier then us trying to keep her in classes with us! We will just see what happens in January when i leave her, I really do not think that she will have a problem she goes to the gym day care just fine :)

She always makes it through one meeting with us, so now we just need to make that Sacrament and we will be good to go!

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