Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Thanks guys for all your comments on the WOW post! I enjoy reading them and hearing what everyone thinks. Here is what i think. I think that the guys is being a little over dramatic about the whole situation which seems typical for the BYU opinion section so i guess it is to be expected.

I really would say i agree with Danielle. There are many things out there that can cause us to be dissatisfied with our spouse, it could be a commercials, something you here from your friends about their spouse, in church , or many many other ways

When i read twilight i did not think any less of Derek nor did i want him to become more like Edward. I love him for who he is, i married him because of who he is not who he could become. Plus i do not think Edward or Shayne are the perfect man we expect every one to be. I think its taking a HUGE step to say that those books and movies are emotional porn. I think people need to grow up and start taking accountability for their own actions. I get sick of people trying to place blame outside of their selfs. If you feel your spouse is not giving you what you need in your marriage talk to him and tell him what you need, don't tell him to just be more like so and so but tell him what you need in your life. But don't expect them to be perfect no one is there will always be a road bump you have to get through and hills you have to climb, but stick together and you will get through it!

I also know that there are some books out there that are bad and depict really graphic sex scenes but twilight and chick flicks (with in reason and rating) are not among those.

I think that its good for us at times to hear about the best of the best so we can become a little bit better and improve our selfs! Since we are not perfect there is always room for some improvement!!

lol k thats my thoughts, i love hearing yours so keep responding!


Megan said...

Jess, I am so glad that you have a solid head on your shoulders! :) You have a darling family and I am glad that you know when to separate reality from fiction...Love the new pics of Jackie, by the way, they are so cute! I would love to meet your family someday, if only we didn't live so far away! I was going through some of my old "junk" the other day to consolidate space in our apartment and I came across our senior prom pictures! That was a hilarious night, remember how my knee was broken and Riley Larsen had to carry me up the steps to the Capital building, in the rain?! Oh, the memories...Ha ha!

Kate and Josh said...

I agree with what you said Jess! Well phrased!

Caitlin said...

I agree with you Jess. I don't really like chick flicks or Twilight, not my thing, but it is not addictive and destroying like porn is. A guy in my class yesterday did the same presentation on literary porn and he mentioned Twilight. Is Edward really the ideal guy? I read about 40 pages to see what all the hype was about and he seemed a little controlling and angry. I don't know. I think my husband is the ideal man. For me. I'm not the ideal woman. We are ideal for each other. I don't get what all the fuss is about, but maybe there are some women that expect too much of their husbands?