Saturday, December 27, 2008


Editors note Blogger has decided to not let me switch the order of my pictures so please start at the end of the blog and work your way up :) it will make much more sense lol.

So we had a GREAT Christmas! we went to Dereks parents for Christmas eve then stayed at my parents house! IT was a lot of fun, and fun to see Jackie get so excited and enjoy Christmas. She got enough Handy Manny toys to last her a long time! and we had to put a way a lot of her younger toys to make way for all her new toys! But she has been having fun with them all and we are having fun watching her! hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

She got a doll from my parents and enjoyed feeding her her bottle

She got the hang of opening presents
Jackie enjoyed handing the gifts to whoever they were too

JAckie played us some Christmas Carols

My CRAZY husband in shorts out side, he said it was not cold! He sled down the hill and everything in them!

My dad sis Lauren and Jackie

My dad's dog loves to sled down the hill

Jackie trying to figure out what the heck she is sitting in

Before we opened our presents we went sleding it snowed a good foot ontop of the foot+ they already had, and next t my parents is a lot owned by the city that was made into a basin to hold water, lol so its the PERFECT sledding hill, so here is Jackie with my dad


I still do not get why a castle has a piartes wheel but oh well she likes it

Checking out the slide santa brought

we stayed at my parents house so here she is going down the stairs to see what santa left

Christmas morning
Her with derek in her pj'sOpening her Christmas PJ's

Her Christmas Dress she walked around church all day saying so pretty
Jackies Christmas eve outfit, when i pulled it out of her closet she put her hands up to her mouth, gasped and said "so pretty!" lol she is a funny girl

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