Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy one month snuggle bunny!

I sooo stole this from my friends blog...she always writes a letter to her kid on there month birthday and i think its cute so i am going to do it for Abby

Snuggle bunny,

Yesterday you turned one month! Mommy can not believe how fast the time has gone! You are growing and changing like crazy! You are starting to get a personality and i love watching it grow and trying to figure out all the little things about you. So far i know this much.
You LOVE to be held and snuggled.
You always want to be right next to who ever is holding you.
You love to eat (all your rolls will attest to this!) Mommy sometimes feels that she spends half her day nursing you!
You love to sleep, this is a nice difference from your big sis Jackie! You will sleep most the day for mommy (in my arms of course.
At night you are sleeping pretty well. You like our bed, but some nights i can get you to sleep the first block in the pack n play. You go for about 3 hours want to eat then sleep for 3 more then you wake up about ever 1-2 wanting to eat. I can not really complain its more sleep then i got with Jackie!
You are great at taking a nap when Jackie does so mommy can take one too!
You no longer like to be swaddled with your arms in, but like the rest of you to be wrapped up tight to sleep
You do not care for a bottle you just want the milk straight from mama! (i am still pumping and holding out you will take it later so mom can get a night off ever once in a while!)
You dont really like to be put done, so a lot of house work goes undone!
So far we do not have a ton of nicknames for you yet, but we call you snuggle bunny and Abbs. We are falling more and more in love with you as the days go on! You are a wonderful addition to our family and i can not believe the extra love that has come into our home with you! I promise you we will get you to see the rest of your family soon! Mommy loves you and loves watching you grow! I can not believe your so big already!

I know people want pictures but without a computer at home i cant put them on here facebook i can do them through my phone so go there to see her :)

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