Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life in New Mexico!

So I came into Dereks work today so i could get on a computer for a few minutes! Things have been going pretty good just getting used to everything our here. I am making new friends and enjoying our ward. We lucked out this ward is pretty great! They have been wonderful at helping us out! I have had many people watch Jackie for a few hours and people who have given us different things!
Our new place has been nice! I feel like it is our home now. The only thing it does not have is a dishwasher but i could not pass up how BIG the place was for the smaller places that had them.
I am still without a computer and really really missing it but we are going to try to figure something out because i think i need it to help keep my sanity. lol.
As for me i spend my days chasing around Jackie, nursing, and watching tv lol. I forgot how much tv is watched with a new born....i read some times but my brain is too tired to concentrate on anything else lol.
I am not going to lie i am really struggling with missing home. I will always consider Utah my home. I have spent my whole life there and love it. I think most of all i miss my family and just want them to be able to meet Abby! it was a tough time to move away and I am still struggling with it. I am trying my best to move past it, but sometimes i still struggle. I wish we were not so far away it would be easy to go home for a quick visit, but alas we will have to wait until Christmas.
I will say this much though, our weather right now is beautiful! Its in the 70's and i love it! However my mind keeps telling me that i need to be pulling out sweatshirts and making chili lol.
Jackie is doing wonderful out here! She has made friends and loves to play with them. She likes our new place, just always asks when she is going to see family. She is an amazing big sister. She always helps me with Abby and gives her hugs and kisses. She has not been jealus at all just loving and wanting to help. She always gets me diaper when i need one and throws the dirty one away. She also always worries about Abby when she cries and will rub Abby's head saying its okay Abby. I just LOVE how much she loves Abby :)

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