Saturday, October 31, 2009

trunk or treat and zoo boo

We went to the zoo boo today! Jackie had fun trick or treating with the animals and getting lots and lots of candy!

The cougar was out today we had to take a pic!
Getting candy in both her buckets

Abby spent both events in the moby just a sleeping! I really love this thing its the best way to carry the baby around! I got Jackies crown since she did not want to wear it

Derek came to the zoo boo too!

She did not want to wear her crown today so she wanted to wear her headband

Abby was a cow
Jackie with both her buckets...she says one was for Abby lol. She was smart people thought she was so cute that she got double the candy

Jackie with her good friend Marie

She wanted make up on today so i let her have some she was pretty pumped!

My pretty Cinderella


Danielle and the Boys said...

what a smart girl to carry to candy buckets-ethan sure didn't think of that. lol. jackie and abby sure look cute jess! glad you guys had lots of fun!

Juliette said...

Jackie is a beautiful princess, if only a little ticked off.

Celia said...

That cow costume is absolutely adorable!