Thursday, October 22, 2009


I remember being a little kid, and time just seemed to drag on and on. The school day would never end, the school year went on for ever ect. Now my life seems to be passing by so fast i hardly have time to sit down and take part in it! I can not believe i have been married for 4 years, graduated from college, had 2 kids, moved to a different state! It seems just like yesterday i was living in Alpine with my parents getting ready for High School.
I am working on making sure i slow things down now. I am no longer working so i have a lot more time to enjoy little things with my children. I have always been told that being a stay at home mom is more work then working, but in all honesty i think being a stay at home mom is easier then working, because when you work you still have to do everything at home plus work a full day. Now i have more time for my kids, more time to spend on my house (i have been bad at this one lately :s) i now feel like i can enjoy time more. I can really spend time with Jackie I am excited to be home with Abby and watch her grow. Mostly I am excited to get those 8 hours i spent at work back and use them for my family! I am just excited to have more time....speaking of time its time to feed the baby!

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