Wednesday, November 4, 2009

hey all my Utah friends!

so i am going to be out there for most of December! YAY! I want to see you all, but i do have a favor to ask! Does anyone have a baby bed i could borrow while i am there? I need something for Abby to sleep in and our space will be limited for bringing stuff down. Let me know! I will bake you some cookies or something :) I will be there from Nov 30th to Dec 27th....we might leave sooner just depends on Dereks work and when he can come out to join us!!


Mary said...

Yay! How exciting to come for a whole month! I have a pack n play that has the bassinet top thing that you borrow if you need it. Let me know.

ecometrochic said...

We'll be out in Eagle Mountain by next weekend but you're welcome to drive out! I'm glad you like to read our blog. I love to keep track of as many people out of our ward as possible right now through blogs.