Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 2 months!

Miss Abigail today you are two months old! Mommy can barley beleive that you have been in our life for that long! It seems just like yesturday we were waiting for you to come! You have changed a lot these last two months.

You are starting to smile, you are picky about who and when you will smile though.  You love to smile for Jackie, you give her big smiles when she talks to you.  You will also smile anytime you are sitting up or are in your "tent" your playmat with a star that sings and lights up to you.

You love to sit up.  You always want me to hold your hands so you can sit up.  Mom wants to get you a bumbo...maybe santa can take care of that.  For now mommy will just enjoy the time she gets sitting with you on her lap, i know you wont want to be there for long i will take advantage of it while i can!

You HATE a wet diaper, you will cry the second you go to get a new one, this is something i sure hope you change because we go through a lot of diapers! Today you had your first diaper explosion, i guess we were lucky it did not happen until now!

You are a good sleeper (well comapred to Jackie) You go to sleep pretty easy as long as you are feed and bathed i just have to put you in your crib with your mobile on and you fall to sleep! you wake up about every 3 hours to eat and do not like to go back to your crib so after your first round in your crib you join mommy and daddy in their bed! Enjoy sweetie because we will kick you out soon! ;) Your crib is in our room so you dont wake up Jackie and mommy can hear you breath, I love having you close!
You also wake up at  7 am every day and will not go back to sleep without a new diaper.  This is your only diaper change during the night, as soon as you get changed you go right back to sleep :)

You take about 3 naps during the day one pretty soon after you get up one around 2 and one around 7. :) its so weird to mommy to have a baby who sleeps so much! I love it though.  Jackie misses you when you sleep.  She worries if she can not see you and gets upset if someone not in our family holds you, she loves you!

You will get blessed in 2 weeks and then you are making your first trip to Utah! get ready to meet alot of family they all love you and are excited to meet you!

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