Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jackie Funnies

Jackie, "here abby eat fruit loops" Me, "abby is too little" Jackie, "mom Abby is sick of special boob food"

Jackie, "this is my oven i like to cook pizza with green onions (poinitng to her dora kitchen) that is dadys oven" (pointing to the grill) he likes to cook sasuages" that is your oven mama ( pointing to the oven) you like to cook lota and lots of food"

Jackie, "mama can i have chili dogs with green onions?" (this is here because it cracks me up she loves green onions so much!"

Jackie, "is it cougar shirt day today?" Me, "yes" Jackie, "lets go get my cougar shirt!"

while abby is having tummy time, "mama abby not want to do push ups turn her around!!"

we have a car seat cover for Abbys seat that keeps her from the wind and what not in the car i took it off so Abby could see Jackie, "NO mama Abby wants tent, she loves tents!"

her version of the cougar fight song, "rise shout cougars are out (random bables) glory praise of you strong colors blue BYU ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra go cougars" I have taught her so well!

while nursing Abby, " mama dont touch you boobs! only Abby can"

side note if anyone has a baby bed that is not a pack in play, could i use it in December? Abby is not a huge fan of the pack in play :)

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ecometrochic said...

We might could loan you the amby again since I won't be having (fingers crossed) a baby until March. Still have to drive out to Eagle Mountain, though:)